Monday, November 23, 2009

The limit of authority?

Hello all! Im featuring someone on my blog today who has over time come to be a very dear person to me.Her life challenges me to stay focused on God and she is the one person i can go to when i have questions about my faith i need to be answered.ladies and gents,Temitope Reffel...

This morning I found myself thinking, ‘could this possibly be all that the Father wants for us as Christians?’
That we wake up in the morning, have our quiet time, say our prayers, fellowship with him, sing worship songs, enjoy His presence and be baptized in His love yet never make meaningful impact in the world; never make manifest his great power that is in our lives.

Are we just supposed to contribute our little quota in terms of giving to the needy, praying for friends and family in need of our prayers, fasting and asking that we know more of him and be more like Him and that He does his work of transformation in us?

Really, is that all there is to our spirituality? What about all the power the God’s word tells us has been given to us? Aren’t we supposed to be healing the sick, casting out devil and raising the dead? I mean if Christianity is just about making money, being prosperous and being generous, then we’re not much different from the philanthropists we have in the world. What makes us different from the world? Shouldn’t it be the Spirit of Power that we carry on the inside? The Holy Spirit through whom these signs are performed? Is it not by these signs the world shall know that we are not ordinary and that our God truly is a God of power?

I usually don’t go musing without good reason. I saw a mad man on my way to work this morning. Trust me; in this part of the country where I live, they seem to be in abundance (I don’t know why). A thought suddenly occurred to me; what if this mad man made an attempt to attack me? (I’ve heard that they tend to do that during the Harmmattan season;it’s the equivalent of the autumn season in Europe by the way), what would I do?

Would I take to my heels and run or would I be bold enough to wait as he comes charging at me and cast the devil out of him? That’s what Jesus would do. That is what he did with the mad men he met during his lifetime. He delivered them from demonic possession. Jesus assured us that we would do greater things than he did if we just be believe.(mark 16:17)

 So what gives? Why would a child of God, a representative of Christ think first of running away from a mad man instead of casting the devil out of Him? Could the reason be that we do not dwell enough on this aspect of our authority as Christians?

This should be food for thought for any Christ follower seeking to have more than a peripheral relationship with God. Remain blessed!


Tina T said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

A very thought provoking post. I think that we are all called to do something different, and while I think that it's always worth asking what Jesus would do, I try to keep in perspective that I am human and imperfect and will not always have the courage to do what he would do. I don't try to use it as an excuse, actually it can be a source of strength. Maybe I didn't do as well as I could today, but I'll acknowledge it and try to be more Christ like from each day forward.

estrella said...

Hello Tina! Thanks for reading the post. It’s good to bear in mind the fact that we are imperfect and human, but it's also good to remember that Jesus died and paid the price for us so that we would be able to live beyond our limits as human beings. We are the ones he made A LITTLE LOWER THAN ANGELS!! Besides, take a look at all the people in the bible; God always required something of each of them that they thought was beyond them...God has created us to be great and performing those miracles as the apostles did in the act is simply a testimony of his great power in us. Too many Christians are comfortable where they are and they are sweet talked by the enemy into thinking that such wondrous signs are for a select few...Jesus said 'These signs shall follow them who believe'. He didn’t say a select essence he said as long as you believe, you can do what did and more... If you believe. The question is, how far are you willing to push your belief?

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