Monday, November 9, 2009

The last man standing

Every woman dreams of prince charming. He's supposed to be the tall, dark, handsome man who swoops down in a show of breathtaking courage and rescues you from your tragic situation. The villain in my case was my dad. Six foot plus and sterner than most dads I knew in the area. He had screaming fits over the smallest things and his tongue would have done Hitler proud. It had the potential to erode anyone's self esteem in three seconds flat!! I couldn’t get out of the house fast enough and I thought getting married to prince charming would be the best way to escape.

There I was, young and full of naive dreams of a man whisking me away from my father and giving me the life I had always wanted. A life with quiet strolls through the beaches of the Bahamas and of massages and gentle foot’s funny, but now when I think about all that prince charming was going to do for me had we gotten together, I realize, I never once envisioned what I would do for him in return; Which goes to show how self centred even the prince charming dream is despite the seemingly ‘good’ ideals embedded in it!

Most women who are married will tell you without batting an eyelid, that the prince charming dream is just that- a dream. The smell of soiled nappies and screaming infants plus a husband who doesn’t pick up after himself can take its toll on the dream and leave a bitter taste in your mouth; The truth about the matter is that NO MAN can rescue you from whatever predicament you may be facing. He may help you see a way out, may even run with you towards the solution, but giving man the responsibility of saving you totally is an unfair thing to do because the poor guy can’t even save himself!!!

I mean, how do you expect him to hit upon the solution to all you problems when you have hardly unearthed them yourself? Man can’t save anyone...only God can...that's why he is the last prince charming standing. All the other prince charming have been tried and proved to have flaws that will make the dreams of the lady wither away without much ado.

The Bible says that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (john14:6). In him is all the life that you will ever want as a woman. The disappointment many women feel after marriage stems from the emptiness inside you even when your man is prince charming in the flesh. You were created to have a relationship with the one from whom all prince charmings come from.

Jesus Christ is unflawed and therefore can love you more than you ever imagined. That’s why when all is said and done he will still be the last prince charming standing...


Abigirl said...

Beautiful! I look forward to more from you. God bless you!

Samuel Gada said...

simply's a nice read,refreshing.we men fall into the 'perfect woman' trap,the truth is nobody's perfect.people like to hide behind their flaws..i pray u keep up the good work and continue to bless

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