Friday, December 25, 2009

Ode to a 'forever friend'

I wanted to stand over your body and command you back to life. I wanted to play Jesus, but my faith was rifled with strife. All I could do was cry...when you lose someone you thought would live forever, a part of you dies and lives again in a way that makes you see life through new eyes...You live on in my heart Hombre...REST IN PEACE.


The memory of you sizzles

As pictures of you are burned deep

Into the matter of my mind.

Clarity is the price I pay

For not noticing you were there.

Suddenly I can see you laugh

In that careless way of yours;

You throw back your head and roar

Lean forward and clutch your belly with graceful fingers;

Suddenly, I can see you saunter

Into a room and hold your own in the banter

Wit matching wit,

Wit surpassing wit,

Gay with youth

Flushed with the pride of holding your own

Against the rising tide.

I kind of assumed you would live forever

Or at least until my last grandchild

Tore out the strands of your graying hair.

You were going to be his godfather

But I didn’t even know it till I heard

That you had left this world’s fleshy fray.

Now my heart won’t stop aching

Like a rotting tooth it throbs every minute;

Now my eyes won’t stop tearing up,

Like a broken fountain it gushes;

Now my mind won’t stop playing

Those precious frames of moments

Captured and frozen deep inside.

Time capsule released by the hands of death

I see you watch me and it makes me cry.

Could I have stopped the hands of time?

Could I have leapt through space?

And held your hand as you floated away?

I didn’t get the chance to say

You were one of a kind,

I didn’t get the chance to say

You were one of a kind…


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jaykay said...

he was one in a million,hate to admit it but too good for this jaydaemon

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